My name is Simona Urzica.I am 29 years old , I was born in Bucharest , Romania. I started Artistic Gymnastics at 5 years old and continued in this sport for 12 years. I was part of Romanian National Team for 4 years and I competed in National , European and World Championships where I won many national and international titles. I have Master degree in Physical Education and Sport with specialization in gymnastics. Having participated in numerous competitions has offered me a wide range of experience not only in competing for myself but also in coaching the little girls and preparing them for professional gymnastics contests all over the world. The results show that for both sides, dedication and hard work can go a long way. Motto : "Just do it! And you will succeed"
Simona Urzica
Hello! My name is Aslan Ruslanov, I was born in Kazakhstan, I come from Russia! I started practicing gymnastics from the age of 6, and professionally engaged gymnastics 15 years and was in the national team of my country. 7 times I won various competitions among the strongest gymnasts of my country, won many awards and achievements in this sport. I have a master of sports degree in gymnastics, I also graduated from the university and received a bachelor's degree in sports! I am very glad to come to Qatar and will be glad to teach children gymnastics to develop gymnastics in this country! Best regards, see you in training!
Aslan Ruslanov
Hi my name is Nicoleta. I am from Romania,I am coming from Artistic Gymnastics background at national level with 10 years experience as a gymnast.i participate at national and international gymnastics competition. I believe is "always work HARD if you want to be the best, on the top level of the podium"
My name is Elshan, I'm from Azerbaijan, Professional profile MAG and WAG artistic gymnastics Coach, Former Azerbaijan National Team gymnast and Coach,FIG international Men's category 2 Judge, 17th years coach experience, 5 years WAG discipline coach, Experience work in USA,Italy , Russia. Preparing gymnasts for National USA championship, USAG top Future stars program, Optional and Compulsory Men's and Women's discipline.Personal Achievements, Master of sport, many times All around champion of Azerbaijan, many times silver and bronze medal international competitions, Participated World championship, World cups, international competitions, Valeri Liukin invitational, Bart Coner invitational, Stella Zacharova Cup, and many other international competitions. Education Bachelors degree Physical education teacher, Gymnastics Methodology and pedagogy. Currently coaching in Qatar Gymnastics Academy. BEGIN HERE GO ANYWHERE
Hello! My name is Bogdan Necsa and I'm 23 years old. I was born in the city of Sibiu in Romania. I practice gymnastics from 3 to 20 years old. I was in the junior Olympic center for 3 years and 2 years in the senior Olympic center. I am a happy person, I enjoy every moment and I always smile. I have finished the faculty of physical education and sports, the school of coaches and now I am at the masters. Motto "healthy life in a healthy body".


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