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Shelagh Innes

About me:
I am the founder of the Gymnastics Academy in Doha. I have been running this club for over 13 years.

I am a British trained physical education specialist and gymnastics coach.

The World governing body of sport recognizes gymnastics as one ot the three key sports for children. We believe in teaching gymnastics in a safe and happy environment so that children can develop their full potential.
The coaches at the club all hold international coaching qualifications.



I am Colette and am a Senior Coach since January 2013. I started gymnastics when I wat 6 years old and did competitive gymnastics as well as acro-gymnastics and tumbling on National level in South Africa. In 2006,  Gymnastics South Australia offered me a coaching job and I immigrated with my family. I moved to Qatar in 2012. I am a South African Gymnastics and Australian Gymnastics certified coach.

Favourite part of coaching: "Feeling that I make a difference in someone's life - whether it is getting that skill or learning not to give up - but get up and try that is what life is all about!"

I am Alina and I believe in having a healthy and active lifestyle. I was a gymnast for 12 years in Romania. I am a Physical Education Graduate, with a speciality in Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics. I believe that it is very important to follow and fight for your dreams, think positively and believe in yourself. Be strong, have fun and never give up. Come and join us, we look forward to seeing you all.
I love gymnastics and spent 10 training as a gymnast. I have gymnastics coaching qualifications from the National Institute of Sport and Physical Education in Tunisia, I am also a MAG judge. In my opinion the most important part of coaching is to motivate the children to learn new skills and help them gain confidence in the gym. "Follow your dream and make it come true"
- Younsi Ameur
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Hi, my name is Elna Fouche, I am from South Africa. I have been doing gymnastics and tumbling my whole life, either as a gymnast or a coach. I love the discipline and dedication it takes to do well and believe that translates to your everyday life as well. I enjoy seeing the excitement on the children's faces when they get a move right and the sense of accomplishment it gives them and the confidence to try something new. I look forward to helping each gymnast reach their goals and potential. 
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My name is Simona Urzica.I am 29 years old , I was born in Bucharest , Romania. I started Artistic Gymnastics at 5 years old and continued in this sport for 12 years. I was part of Romanian National Team for 4 years and I competed in National , European and World Championships where I won many national and international titles. I have Master degree in Physical Education and Sport with specialization in gymnastics. Having participated in numerous competitions has offered me a wide range of experience not only in competing for myself but also in coaching the little girls and preparing them for professional gymnastics contests all over the world. The results show that for both sides, dedication and hard work can go a long way. Motto : "Just do it! And you will succeed"
Simona Urzica




Well done to all the squad who competed  in our MEGA Inter Gulf Competition here in Doha, on March 29th  against:
CHAOSS  -Bahrain
DuGym     Dubai
D0GC        Dubai
Shams Gym Club  -Dubai

Schedules DESS

Gymnastics Academy at

We are now taking applications for September, apply now by going to Step 1 on the website. !


Fees are paid termly and non refundable.

Membership fee per term : QAR 80
1 hour gym sessions        : QAR 80
90 minute gym session    : QAR 120
Children coming 2,3 and 4 times a week get a package

First day of Gym for Next Term : - 10th September 2017

Apply now for classes  by following Step 1 (Contact us)



Monday 2.15 - 3.30 (Year 4,5 and 6)  
Thursday 1.15 - 2.20 (Year 2 and 3)   


pre squad- primary level

Wednesday            3.50 - 5.20  



3.40-4.40 Beginners age 3 years & 5 months.

4.40-5.40 Intermediate 1 and 2  age 6 and above.   

5.45-7.15 seniors. Gymnastics, Trampoline, Cheerleading, Tumbling and 

Sports Acrobatics. No Beginners allowed in this session. All children must have a 

basic level of gymnastics.   


3.40-4.40 Intermediate 1 and 2 age 5 and above 


4.15-5.45 Invitational and pre  squad  Primary level  

5.45-7.15 Senior, Gymnastics, Trampoline, Cheerleading 

, Tumbling and Sports Acrobatics. No Beginners allowed in this

session. All children must have a basic level of gymnastics.  


2.30- 4 Invitational  and pre squad. Primary level  


Monday  4.45-7.10  

Thursday 3.40-6.10  

Friday 8 - 10.30  


We do encourage children to come twice a week, if they wish to make it into the competitive team of the gym academy. Discounts are offered to children, who come 2 and 3 times a week

All fees are payable termly in advance. Fees are non refundable. 

Location Map:

Packages are offered for gymnasts who come twice and three times a week. For sites who only have gym once a week, you can have a second session at a different site 
We do encourage children to come twice a week, if they wish to make it into the competitive team of the gym academy. Discounts are offered to children, who come 2 and 3 times a week

Please read the Introduction letter for the classes at DESS, It has important information you need to have before booking a class for your child.

For the Introduction Letter - DESS press here

For Rules at DESS press here 

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